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Would you be upset if you tried to call a business and they kept hanging up on you? Thousands of Floridians who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind, and Speech Disabled experience this frustration every day because so many businesses in the State of Florida do not understand how to accept a telephone call from the Florida Relay Service.

Florida Relay is a public service that allows people who have a hearing loss or speech disability to communicate over the phone. A Relay operator serves as the communications link, between people who use specialized telephones and people that use standard phones.

Diagram illustrating Florida Relay Service between a standard and specialized telephone user

So stop burning up profits and become “Relay Friendly” today! If you answer the phone and hear, “Florida Relay Operator 2679, have you received a relay call before?” Don’t Hang Up, Do Business, because someone is calling you though the Florida Relay.

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